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We are global leading professional firm, providing a wide variety of services in food related matters.

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Who We Are!

We provide special consulting services in food safety and quality management systems, food services management, product development and portable water treatment for both households and food establishments.  Our expertise is in food safety, product development, portable water treatment, nutrition, food security, food laws and compliance.

What We Offer For Good Health?

We offer a range of food services to help individual and industries achieve their food health and nutrition goals

• Food Product Development

Following specific standards, we work on both existing/newly discovered processes as well as modifying existing foods to create new food products.

• Food Services Management

We work as an advisory to our clients in achieving desired goals through strategized designing of food service facilities and operations managements

• Food Safety Consultancy

The Food Safety consultancy division of Food Maestro specializes in consulting and auditing

• Treating water for potability

Availability of good water cannot be overly stated when ensuring food and nutrition security. 

• Trainings

We assist individuals and employees of food establishments on food safety, quality and sanitation trainings to help assure safe product for the end users.

• Nutrition Education

We reinforce specific nutrition-related practices or behaviors to change habits that contribute to poor health

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Keen Clients

Our services are basically for clients in the food industries, commercial kitchens and households and are tailor made to the unique needs of each client.

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